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Drawing App Terms of Use

All the customers who use any and all the information provided on this site operated by Universal Music LLC (hereinafter referred to as the ″Company″) including a drawing application (hereinafter referred to as the ″Drawing App″), music, videos and photos (hereinafter referred to as the ″Users″), shall agree to the following Terms of Use.

1. [Services]

Through this website, Users may make original illustrations and programs by using Drawing App, and submit or share the results to social network services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on, for non-commercial purpose only.

2. [Copyright]

2.1 Copyrights, neighboring rights and all rights of the Drawing App, music, photos, videos, text, program code and so on providing on the Services shall belong to the Company, Perfume or any other party having the legitimate right, the Users shall NOT acquire any rights to such contents.
2.2 When user’s illustration and/or program codes by using the Drawing App occur copyrights, its copyrights shall belong to the User, the Company, Perfume or any other party shall NOT acquire any rights to such contents.
2.3 When the Users submit or share illustration and/or program codes by using the Drawing App to/on social network services and so on, the Users shall grant the Company a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense such content to other third parties), for an indefinite period, to use such as replicate, ownership transfer, adapt, translate, alter, reprint, public transfer (including making its works transmittable), publish, exhibit (after modifying such content, if the Company believes it necessary and proper) the user’s works for services, promotional and/or commercial purposes. Users agree NOT to exercise moral rights against the Company or any other person who succeeded to the same from the Company or a license thereof.

3. [Prohibited Activities]

Users shall NOT conduct the activities specified in the following items.
(ⅰ) Activities of violating the privacy and publicity rights, intellectual property rights of authors, copyright holders and any third party including neighboring rights.
(ⅱ) Activities that post or transmit violent or sexual expressions; expressions that lead to discrimination by race, national origin, creed, sex, social status, family origin, etc.; or anti-social expressions that include anti-social content and lead to the discomfort of others.
(ⅲ) Activities of defaming, damaging the reputation of, unreasonably discriminating or slandering the Company, Perfume or any third party.
(ⅳ) Activities of causing economic damage to the Company, Perfume or any third party.
(ⅴ) Activities of intimidating the Company, Perfume or any third party.
(ⅵ) Activities of allowing the contents of this website to be downloaded via the Internet, such as uploading to servers and websites, beyond the scope permitted under this Terms of Use.
(ⅶ) Activities that decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or attempt to reconstruct, identify or discover any source code of the 3D scan data, beyond the scope permitted under this Terms of Use.
(ⅷ) Activities related to a crime or being offensive to public order and morals.
(ⅸ) Other Activities violating this Terms of Use.
(ⅹ) In addition to the above, Activities deemed as inappropriate by the Company.

4. [Discontinuation of service provision]

4.1 The Company has the right to terminate the contract between the User and the Company such as using Drawing App at any time when the Company deemed the User to violate any of the provisions on [Prohibited Activities] set forth in the preceding clause.
4.2 The Company may temporarily stop or discontinue the offering of this service without prior notice to the Users, in the situation falling under any of the following reasons.
(i) When determined as necessary to temporarily stop the offering of this service for reasons such as system maintenance, recovery from system disorders, force majeure such as a natural disaster, or any other technical reasons.
(ii) When changing or expanding the function of this service.
(iii) Other case where the Company determines that discontinuation or a temporary stop is necessary.

5. [No Guarantee]

The Company is NOT engaged in any kinds of acts of guarantee, including the guarantee of the following items.
(ⅰ) That NO malfunction or disorder is caused in the Users' PCs as a result of using this website.
(ⅱ) The accuracy and integrity of the Drawing App and the Other Contents.
(ⅲ) That the Drawing App or the Other Contents do NOT infringe any rights of a third party.
(ⅳ) That this website exists permanently.
(ⅴ) That NO disconnection or error occurs during the use of this website.

6. [User Responsibility]

6.1 Users shall use this Service at his/her own risk, and shall bear all responsibility for actions carried out and their results upon this Service.
6.2 The Company may take measures that the Company considers necessary and appropriate, if the Company acknowledges that a User is using the service in a way which violates the Terms and Conditions. However, the Company shall NOT be responsible for correcting or preventing such violation towards Users or others.
6.3 In the case where the Company has suffered loss/damage or has been charged an expense (including but not limited to lawyer's fees) directly or indirectly (including but not limited to cases where the Company has been sued for damages by a third party) due to the User violating applicable laws or the Terms and Conditions while using the Service, the User shall immediately compensate the Company upon its request.

7. [The Company's Exemption of Liability]

7.1 The Company does NOT expressly or impliedly guarantee that the Service (including the Contents) are free from de facto or legal flaws (including but not limited to stability, reliability, accuracy, integrity, effectiveness, fitness for certain purposes, security-related faults, errors, bugs, or infringements of rights). The Company shall NOT be responsible for providing the Service without such defects.
7.2 The Company shall NOT be responsible for any damages inflicted upon Users in relation to the use of the Service. However, if the agreement (including but not limited to the Terms and Conditions) between the Company and Users regarding the Service shall be deemed as a consumer contract under the Consumer Contract Law in Japan, then this exemption clause shall NOT be applied.
7.3 Notwithstanding the condition stated in clause 7.2 above, the Company shall NOT be responsible for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages (including but not limited to such damages that the Company or Users predicted or could have predicted) with respect to the Company’s contractual default or act of tort due to the Company's negligence (except for gross negligence).

8. [Revision of the Terms of Use]

8.1 The Company may revise this Terms of Use without the prior notice to the Users.
8.2 When there are revisions in the Terms of Use, any and all matters related to the use of this website shall comply with the revised Terms of Use, and any Users who use this website after the revision of the Terms of Use are deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms of Use.

9. [Governing law and jurisdiction]

9.1 Where the Company has provided Users with a translation of the Japanese language version of the Terms of Use, the Japanese Version will govern the relationship between Users and the Company.
9.2 This Terms of Use and the relation between the Users and the Company shall comply with the laws of Japan.
9.3 Any conflicts related to this Terms of Use shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court of first instance.

[Prescribed on June 12, 2013]
Universal Music LLC.